Saturday Morning Food Run

It’s market day…in the suburbs…Gas powered engines are revving. Traffic is flowing. A light snow and rain mix is drizzling down. It’s just like Tuscany or Provence, right?

Nevertheless, we cheerily made the best of it. I think we attempted to buy up the entire meat supply of our local farms–whole chicken, ground beef, chuck roast, maple sausage, bacon, chorizo, and ribs. I am hoping this will be enough to satiate the fam for a bit as they are a very ravenous bunch.

farmer's market haul
Kombucha stockpile and meat supply for the next two weeks.

As the pic above indicates, the wife (hereafter affectionately referred to as “wif”, “the wif”, or “wif!!1”) and I have been ensnared by kombucha tea. It’s amazingly tasty for a drink that has a living organism or two in it, and Eastern cultures and California swear by its health properties. If it makes me a better person, fine, that’s great. I just like the taste. šŸ™‚

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