Led Zeppelin Night

Led Zeppelin - Royal Albert Hall
Led Zeppelin @ Royal Albert Hall (1970)

The Wif discovered Led Zeppelin approximately two weeks ago and it has been an obsession ever since. I’ve had most of their catalog on CD for a while, but the Wif pushed to new heights and demanded a DVD. I’m never one to complain about buying anything music-related, so I happily bought us a copy of the self-titled two disc DVD set Led Zeppelin.

After getting our young charge off to sleep promptly at 7 pm, we threw together some late night cheddar & horseradish burgers, grabbed a couple of beers, and excitedly tossed in the first disc.

It’s awesome. Even without the DTS surround (due to the sleeping youngun), the concert footage is intense. My first thought is that I too easily dismissed Robert Plant. Jimmy Page may have been the driving heart of Led Zeppelin, but Robert Plant does not appear to be the foppish airhead I thought he was. Plant seems grounded and likable. My second thought is “WOW, the drumming!”. I expected Bonham to be a maniac back there, but really seeing it is just something else. I think the highlight of the disc may be Bonham on Moby Dick. Or maybe it’s Page playing dark wizard with the bow and his guitar in Dazed and Confused? How can you choose??

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