I Am Not My Gamerscore (..right?)

For all you Xbox Live gamers out there–I stumbled on a really cool site the other day via my teammate Ryan Markel that promises to tug at your competitiveness and your obsessive compulsiveness. The site is called True Achievements, and it immediately force pulled me into its clutches.

True Achievements takes the base Gamerscore value and multiplies that by its rarity to compute a “fairer” value. This system cleans up competitive imbalances inherent to the current system such as the 1000 points from Madden ’06 vs the 1000 points from Perfect Dark Zero.

Nerdy, huh? Good thing the wife and the kid help keep me in the real world. Now it really pays to beat that game on hard! Prove to the world that j00 = teh pwn… 😉

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