CSS Baby Steps

I was just starting to drive when I last dabbled in web UI. CompuServe was dying. AOL was about to go all-you-can-eat unlimited. My website development efforts were centered around Star Wars subjects, and CSS was nowhere near to be seen. Want to change a font?

<font color=#urfav>hooray!</font>

Ahh, CompuServe. You rocked my world…
until I rocked mom and dad's credit bill.

To start rectifying the situation, I decided to setup a CSS test blog here at WordPress.com.

**WARNING: put on some sunglasses**

A few n00blet notes from the experience:

  • I think it’d be easier to play with CSS from scratch. As the blog is hosted here at WordPress.com, I only had control over the styling sheets and had to make do with the HTML as given.
  • Sandbox theme specific learning of the day: The sidebars are named that for a reason. No, you cannot move the sidebars usefully below the #content area. That’s called the #footer.
  • I wouldn’t choose blinding yellow again–especially with paint splotches. The paint really pops off dark background, but dark (and white) is so overdone. It appears there is a good reason why. I took a gamble and I seem to have generated a good stub for a future taxicab site.

One response to “CSS Baby Steps”

  1. Agreed that it’s easier to redesign a whole site if you use CSS from scratch, but I think most users want to change a little bit at a time or just change one element, and it’s better to use the existing CSS and small amounts of new CSS in those cases. Anyways, so cool that you’re testing WordPress.com CSS!! It’s nifty.

    CSS from scratch can make some super neat things. CSS Zen Garden comes to mind. 🙂

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