WordCamp San Francisco!

San Francisco Cable Car

It’s official. We’re going to attempt to drop in on WordCamp San Francisco in early May. 🙂

I did not really want to elaborate on it at the time for fear of jinxing, but I have joined Automattic full-time as a Happiness Engineer. It’s a truly refreshing place to be, as everyone is whip smart and passionate about what they do. We’re a distributed company, and WCSF will be our family’s first opportunity to meet everybody.

Alas, what would life be without complexity? We began a journey in late August ’09 that has brought us to a point where we are currently a waiting family for adoption. We are incredibly excited about the impending expansion of our family, and the timing of these events is going to make the next few months very interesting. There is a decent to good chance that we will have a newborn coinciding with WCSF.

5 responses to “WordCamp San Francisco!”

    • It’s going well. We’ve been a waiting family since January, and we are still expecting a placement sometime soon.

      It looks like WCSF will be a go! Placement shortly after we get back would be perfect. 🙂

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