My Droid Incredible Is Incredible

In the last post I made, I mentioned I had finally succumbed to the smartphone world. Mobile computing with a reasonably intuitive interface and nifty applications–I’m as hooked as I feared I would be.

Droid Incredible

The HTC Droid Incredible is my flavor of choice. I drove my poor wife and social connections a bit batty as I agonized over the options. I literally came a Google Checkout failure away from a Nexus One. We also gave the iPhone 4 a really hard look as it has an amazing display and amazing industrial design.

The Droid Inc won in the end because:

  • it runs Android
  • it seems to have the best build quality of non-iPhone devices (in the US) to me
  • it is a Verizon offering (we were about half way through a contract which they tore up)
  • Verizon still offers “unlimited” data vs the 2 GB we were staring at with AT&T
  • the dev community had made significant inroads with freeing the device

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