Trident Exploit Chain

Twitter is lighting up on reports of a triple iOS 0-day exploit chain dubbed “Trident” that silently gives total control of the iPhone to the attacker. The eye-popping part is that at least one cyber arms dealer has likely been peddling software exploiting this particular nastiness since iOS7.

Apple has patched in iOS 9.3.5 so do run along and update as soon as possible.

The article above breaks everything down if you are interested in the gory details so I’ll just close with this blurb from the Vice write-up:

“The people that we see being targeted by these texts today—dissidents, activists—these are kind of the people on the frontlines of what is to come for all of us tomorrow, these guys are sort of the canaries in the coal mine… The threats that they are facing today are threats that perhaps ordinary users will face tomorrow.”

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