America 2020

Decades of full spectrum rot exposed to all when “the tide went out” via global pandemic.

Banana republic dictator voted down, for now.

Relief the majority of people pushed back; inexcusable that so many did not.

I will never forget:

  • The lying.
  • The selfishness.
  • The malevolence.
  • The racism.
  • The criminality.
  • The weakness.
  • The cowardice.
  • The enablers.

I will never accept:

  • Living by fear.
  • Lying.
  • Demonizing others.
  • Justifying the means by the ends.

I will:

  • Live by love.
  • Walk with those on the margins.
  • Call out bullshit when it is critical to do so.
  • Push back on bullies.

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