CSS Baby Steps

I was just starting to drive when I last dabbled in web UI. CompuServe was dying. AOL was about to go all-you-can-eat unlimited. My website development efforts were centered around Star Wars subjects, and CSS was nowhere near to be seen. Want to change a font?

<font color=#urfav>hooray!</font>

Ahh, CompuServe. You rocked my world...
until I rocked mom and dad's credit bill.

To start rectifying the situation, I decided to setup a CSS test blog here at WordPress.com.

**WARNING: put on some sunglasses**

A few n00blet notes from the experience:

  • I think it’d be easier to play with CSS from scratch. As the blog is hosted here at WordPress.com, I only had control over the styling sheets and had to make do with the HTML as given.
  • Sandbox theme specific learning of the day: The sidebars are named that for a reason. No, you cannot move the sidebars usefully below the #content area. That’s called the #footer.
  • I wouldn’t choose blinding yellow again–especially with paint splotches. The paint really pops off dark background, but dark (and white) is so overdone. It appears there is a good reason why. I took a gamble and I seem to have generated a good stub for a future taxicab site.